Mar Thoma Teachers’ Training College
NAAC accredited 'A' Grade | Affiliated to MG University & Approved by NCTE
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Mission & Values

We have formulated our vision of enlightening the immediate neighbourhood and the society at large. The vision of the College is stated as follows.

Reorientation to the faculty so that they could ignite the minds of the student teachers.
Developing willingness to work individually and in groups to maintain and preserve environment.
Enlightenment of the future generation
Recognizing education as a value building activity.
Developing competencies in the prospective teachers and
Tapping all the resources including ‘Technology’ for providing sufficient learning experience to the teacher trainees.
We have formulated our mission of enlightening the immediate neighbourhood and the society at large . The mission of the College is stated as follows.
To help the staff and students to be part of our process of National Development.
To develop a value system based on dignity,integrity, tolerance and self-worth through curricular and co-curricular activities.
To develop or upgrade competencies in teacher-trainees to meet the challenges of the new learning environments
To promote the quality of teaching- learning by stimulating the academic environment
To make use of the best in Information and Communication technology
To undertake extension work, guidance and counselling and personality development programmes
To upgrade the quality of the teachers,including our faculty,through Research, Project studies, Seminars and other training programmes.
To make available resources for student development by developing modules.
To prepare the learners to face the challenges of the new knowledge- based economy.
To produce an environmentally literate citizenry.
Values The Institution :
recognizes Education as a value-building activity.
upholds that values – moral,social,democratic – have a positive impact on civic sense and social cohesion.
believes that value-oriented education can create an egalitarian society
recognizes the need for value integration in management practices.
The staff and students develop a sense of belonging to the Nation
The staff and students can render selfless service to enlighten the community
The future generation get stimulated to play a vital role in National Development.
Students recognize education as a value- building activity
Student acquires necessary values for successful living
Student-teachers develop competencies required for a ‘ facilitator’ of Learning Experiences
Student- teachers get ability to integrate knowledge with the help of Technology
Student-teachers get occasion to seek excellence as an individual and collective need
Student-teachers get ability to meet the requirements of the new learning environment
All concerned can take advantage of the resources in ‘Technology’
The student community get occasion for Guidance and Counselling and personality development
Mar Thoma Teachers Training College, Edakulam, Ranny | NAAC accredited College with ‘A’ Grade